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Kevin McLaughlin

Owner & Founder

My journey as an entrepreneur and business owner was born out of frustration, restlessness, and a desire for freedom. My ultimate goal as an attorney is to help other passionate small business owners and creative entrepreneurs reach their full potential.

What our clients are saying:

"Kevin has been helping my startup with trademark and brand protection work as well as contracts, strategies and a slew of other legal necessities that generally make my head spin. Kevin helped distill this information into something I could actually digest. Thank you! 5 over-sized stars"

- Kyle McElfresh

"Kevin was really great to work with; very patient, responsive and explained a fairly complicated process very well. I'd highly recommend Kevin and Crafted Law!

- Dr. Erin Griffiths

Starting a small business and developing a new product can be overwhelming but Kevin was so knowledgeable and helpful lining up all my legal documents and providing advice in the process. Not to mention he’s a guy who you can trust. Do yourself a favor and hire this guy for any of your small business legal needs.

- Beth Platter

Our experience with Kevin was nothing short of amazing! 

- Shauna McIver

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Your trademarks are how your customers find and recognize you. Leverage the value of your trademarks by registering and enforcing your trademark rights.  


Almost all businesses design or create materials that are protected by copyright. We help identify and protect what's important from the start. 


Having written agreements in place is vital to help you protect your business, set expectations for clients and partners, and avoid confusion or disputes.   


Whether you're just getting started or looking to level up, we can help you:

Launch A Business

Starting a new business involves countless decisions. From choosing the right legal structure, to complying with regulations, to working with employees and independent contractors, we can help you get from zero to launch the right way. 

Leverage Your Brand

Your brand is incredibly valuable to your business. It consists of several elements - including your name, logo, marketing materials, designs - and distinguishes you from everyone else in the marketplace. Are you taking steps to protect yours? 

Level Up

​​​​​Your business is unique. Working with an attorney that understands your specific challenges and goals to create custom contracts can protect your interests, allocate risks and responsibilities, and streamline your processes.