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As a business owner, I know that it's really hard to start and grow a business. Building something that lasts is worth protecting - that's where Crafted Law comes in. We help you establish and grow your brand and capture the value of your trademarks and intellectual property. 

- Kevin McLaughlin

Founder & Principal Attorney

Crafted Law - Trademark Attorney

A Client-Driven, Trademark-First Law Firm

Launching and growing a successful business is hard work. The inner workings and processes take time to develop and there are hurdles and setbacks along the way. But when done correctly, the end customer's experience seems simple, effective, and effortless. They don't see the months of R&D, software development, supply-chain logistics, or systems and processes. They see only the final result of that work. 

Our goal at Crafted Law is to provide that same effortless experience when it comes to your trademarks and intellectual property. From choosing a strong brand name to conducting effective clearance searches, filing trademark applications, and developing strategies to protect and monetize your trademarks - there are a number of complex and sometimes subtle factors involved. Our attorneys have years of experience developing systems and processes to manage the full spectrum of trademark issues that your business may encounter and guide you through them with as little friction as possible. 

We are a "trademark-first" law firm - while we have the experience and capability to handle a variety of IP, transactional and business matters, we are laser-focused on providing the most skillful and creative trademark solutions to drive value to your business and your bottom line. 

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we are able to serve trademark clients both locally and around the country. Through our international network of trademark professionals, we are also able to help clients secure and protect their trademark rights around the world. If you're ready to take trademarks off your plate, we can work within your budget, timeline, and goals so you can focus on continuing to build and grow your business. 

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