Building Brands That Don't Suck

Not all brands are created equal. When it comes to trademarks, you can spend a small fortune developing a unique and clever brand that resonates with your ideal customers, but if someone is already using that same brand, then you're back to square one (or worse). And that sucks. 

Trademark law is complex and nuanced. Getting the basics right is always a priority. That lays the foundation for more advanced strategies and tactics, but even the basics require more than a 'plug and play' approach. That's where we come in. We step in, develop strategies based on your specific business and goals, and build from there. 

Meet the Attorney


I'm Kevin McLaughlin

I work with business owners, in-house counsel, and entrepreneurs to help them build, grow, and manage their portfolio of intellectual property. In simple terms, that means helping clients select trademarks that are unique and capable of legal protection, and using those trademarks to obtain competitive advantages, make money, and grow the value of their companies. 

I founded Crafted Law based on two core beliefs. One, that building and protecting brands is a foundational part of nearly every modern business, just like marketing, sales, or finance. And two, that huge changes are coming that will require brands to adapt with proactive, nuanced, strategic moves to continue to build thriving brands. If you agree, you're in the right place.  

Oh, and we like to have a little fun too.  

The Crafted Way

Master the Foundations

Excellence In the small details establishes a platform for growth.

Leverage Technology

Use tools to efficiently solve problems while reducing costs.


Comes First

Unique business goals guide and dictate our legal strategies. 



Real communication leads to deeper insights & connections. 


From Clients With Brands That Don't Suck

Kevin did an excellent job so I referred him to another company and they are pleased as well. Overall we saved a lot of time and money by hiring the right attorney.

Jeff goodrich

One Sweet World

Kevin has been helping my startup with trademark and brand protection work as well as contracts, strategies and a slew of other legal necessities that generally make my head spin. Kevin helped distill this information into something I could actually digest. Thank you!

Kyle mcelfresh

Crew Supply Co.