Welcome to Crafted Law

As a business owner, I know that it's really hard to start and grow a business. Building something that lasts is worth protecting - that's where Crafted Law comes in. We help you grow your brand and capture the value of your trademarks and intellectual property. 

- Kevin McLaughlin

Founder & Principal Attorney

The Beginning of Crafted Law

I’ve always been interested in the way businesses work. Growing up, my dad ran his own dental practice and I got to see how he was always tweaking his business to provide his patients with the best possible experience. He did his best to add personal touches at each point along the way and would often get feedback about how refreshing and enjoyable an experience it was.

Although I deal with different issues and clients, I strive to follow the same principles by adding value and a frictionless experience wherever and whenever possible. To me, getting into the practice of law was primarily about 2 things: First, helping businesses build strong, healthy, legally sound foundations; and second, helping entrepreneurs like myself reach their full potential by giving them the tools, advice, and legal counsel they need to succeed.

Various elements of the law touch almost every part of modern society and, as a young attorney out of law school, I struggled to find where my talents and passion to help grow businesses fit into the broad legal landscape. I worked as an associate at firms in San Diego and Chicago before returning to my home state of Michigan and practicing as in-house counsel.

I got valuable experience along the way, but nothing ever really clicked. It was frustrating seeing inefficient, old-fashioned systems in place. I wanted to help clients with their businesses, but I wanted to do it using current technology, being more proactive and transparent with communications and injecting my personality into client relationships. I enjoyed solving problems, but I didn’t own it and I wasn’t calling the shots.

After 5 years, I decided to start my own firm to help people like myself. Entrepreneurs who are driven and have a big vision, but get bogged down not knowing where to start and what steps they need to take to launch, grow and protect their business. As a business owner, especially in a new or young business, it’s easy to get discouraged between making everything happen on a day-to-day basis without knowing where to focus your time, energy and resources to make the biggest impact. If you’re looking for a partner that can help you prioritize and start capitalizing on the value in your business, I’d love to talk to you.