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  • Trademark application
  • llc & corporate formation
  • Contract drafting & review

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Free 30 minute phone consultation discussing:

  • The nature of your business 
  • Overview of trademark basics and the application process
  • Overview of Crafted Law and how we can help
  • If your name, logo, or slogan are good candidates for trademark protection



Best for those launching a new small business or creative venture.

Package includes everything from FREE, plus:

  • 1-hour Strategy Session  
  • Thorough Screening Search
  • Prepare & file application* for your business name OR logo (see FAQs)
  • Monitor application progress and respond to routine Office Actions from USPTO


*Price is for word mark application with 1 international class and does not include filing fees (typically $225/class)


Great for growing businesses ready to step up their trademark game.

Package includes everything from STARTER, plus:

  • Longer Strategy Session (up to 2 hours)
  • Prepare and file separate applications* for BOTH your business name and logo


*Price is for applications with 1 international class and does not include filing fees (typically $225/class)


Ideal for businesses with multiple marks or investing significant capital

Package includes everything from GROWTH, plus:

  • 2 Strategy Sessions (up to 2 hrs each)
  • Prepare & file up to 5 applications* for your name, logos, or slogans (up to 2 classes each)
  • Respond to non-routine Office Actions up to 4 hours
  • 1 Year of Monitoring Service


*Price is for applications with up to 2 classes of goods/services per application and does not include filing fees (typically $225/class)

frequently asked questions

What is covered during the 1-hour Strategy Session?

Before the Strategy Session, you'll receive a questionnaire to fill out online with information about your business, your industry and competitors, and your current intellectual property assets. Gathering this information beforehand allows us to have a much more productive discussion. During the Strategy Session we will discuss ways in which you use your trademark(s), whether there are any existing trademarks that could prevent a successful registration, and general trademark and brand protection strategies. 

What is a Screening Search and why do I need it?

Before going through the time and expense of filing an application, it is important to conduct a thorough search to see if there are any pre-existing trademarks that could prevent your mark from being registered or otherwise lead to problems down the road. Each application is assigned to an Examining Attorney at the US Patent and Trademark Office and if the Examining Attorney believes that your mark is confusingly similar to the pre-existing mark, your application could be rejected. The search consists of researching and analyzing Federal and State databases and also performing keyword searches online. 

What do you mean the price includes 1 "class" of goods or services?

The USPTO groups goods and services into 45 distinct classes or categories. Trademark classes are important because your rights are limited to the class or classes for which you register. For instance, selling bags of coffee falls into class 30, while operating a coffee shop and serving coffee would fall into class 43 (food services). If you want to operate a coffee shop AND sell coffee beans there, you would need to register your trademark(s) under both classes. The USPTO charges between $225 and $325 per class, depending on how you file (but in most cases it is $225).

What if I need to register my trademark for more than one class?

For the Startup and Growth packages, additional classes can be added for a $99 legal fee per additional class, plus the additional filing fees charged by the USPTO. Our fee for additional classes covers the additional time required to search for conflicting marks and additional work while preparing the application.   

What is considered a routine office action?

An examining attorney sends an office action to notify an applicant about issues with his or her application. Routine office actions generally cover formalities that can be resolved quickly and do not require significant legal research or drafting arguments. 

What happens if I get a non-routine office action?

The amount of time required to respond to an office action can vary greatly based on the complexity of the issues involved. If you purchased the Enterprise package, this includes up to 4 hours of attorney time at no additional charge. If you purchased the Startup, Growth, or another package, we will be happy to review the details of your particular office action and provide you with a fixed fee to prepare a response.

What is my "all-in" cost for filing an application?

The total cost to file your application will depend on the number of applications you file and how many classes you select for each. For example, if you choose the Startup package with 1 class of goods or services, our fee of $800 plus the $225 filing fee (paid to the USPTO) would be a total of $1,025. If you choose the Growth package with 1 class for each application, the price would be our fee of $1,400 plus $450 in filing fees (2 applications at $225 each) for a total of $1,850.

Do I need to register both my name and logo?

There is no clear right answer to this question, but your particular situation will dictate the best path forward. If you have limited resources, registering the business name alone will typically provide the broadest range of protection. If you think you may change logos or rebrand at some point in the future, having separate registrations will allow you to maintain protection of the name going back to the original filing date. If your name and logo are filed together as one trademark, it could cause some issues in the future and you could even lose certain rights. 

How long does it take to get my trademark registered?

The trademark application process is quite lengthy and can routinely take about 9 months or longer (even with no issues coming up) from filing the application to receiving a certificate of registration. First, the application is assigned to an examining attorney (the USPTO handles thousands of applications so this step alone usually takes 3 months). If the examining attorney finds no issues, he will approve the application to be published in the official gazette for a 30-day period. During this time, the public has the opportunity to object to your application if they feel it will infringe on their rights. If no objection is received, the mark will be registered in about 12 weeks following the end of the 30-day period. Receiving an office action or an opposition could significantly increase the time required to register a mark.  

Do I need an attorney to file a trademark application?

There is no requirement that you use an attorney to file an application. There are resources to on the USPTO's website that can help guide you through the process, but it is highly recommended that you use an attorney if you can afford it since the process is not always intuitive and can get complicated very quickly. Some errors can be fixed, but others cannot and a new application, with new filing fees, will need to be filed. A rejected application also opens up the possibility that a third party could file for the same mark in the interim and acquire the rights in that mark.  

Once my trademark is registered, is it protected?

Obtaining a trademark registration fantastic, but it's only the first step in the process of protecting and growing your brand. Maintaining a strong brand requires enforcing your rights by identifying and stopping others from accidentally or intentionally using your intellectual property.  

Can I register a trademark before starting my new business?

It is possible to file an application for a trademark that you have a good faith intent to use the mark in commerce (i.e. to sell goods or services) within the next 6 months. This time period can be extended if you can show that you are continuing to work toward using the mark. Please contact us for more details if you are interested in doing this.