Trademark Registrations 

The Benefits Of Registration

If you want to build a profitable and lasting brand, obtaining trademark registrations should be at the top of your priority list. In the U.S., federal trademark registrations are the building blocks on which your brand empire will be constructed. That's because registrations give you the exclusive nationwide right to use a trademark in connection with your products or services. Without it, your rights only extend to a limited geographic area within a certain radius of your business. 

With a trademark registration you can:

  • Confidently expand your business without the fear of infringing on another business that ultimately requires a costly re-branding
  • Stop others from using the same or confusingly similar trademark 
  • Bring a lawsuit in federal court to enforce your rights if necessary
  • Establish and build the goodwill/loyalty of your customers in connection with the trademark, resulting in an increased business valuation in the event of a sale
  • Monetize the trademark by licensing to third parties the right to use the trademark
  • Record the trademark with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol to increase the chance that counterfeit goods are discovered and seized at the border
  • Participate in the Amazon Brand Registry program
  • Discourage others from adopting a similar trademark when they find it listed in the USPTO trademark database

In short, registrations enhance your rights and help you unlock the full power of trademarks for your business. 

Our attorneys can help guide you through the trademark registration process. We can help you create a strategy for selecting and pursuing the strongest trademarks, draft licensing agreements to monetize your registered trademarks, or step in to help you defend and enforce your trademark rights. 

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