Trademark Searching 

The Goal Of Searching

Conducting trademark searches helps to answer several important questions: Is my trademark available for use with my products and services? If so, is the trademark available for registration? Is the mark comparatively strong or weak considering the context and the number of pending applications and existing registrations for similar marks? To what scope of protection will the trademark be entitled?

These questions cannot be answered by browsing internet search results alone, and the answers are not always self-explanatory. A well-conducted trademark search will inform important decisions such as which marks to adopt, the potential risks associated with adopting a particular mark, opportunities for expanding a portfolio of marks, and how to competitively position new brands in the marketplace. 

Our attorneys can help you conduct thorough trademark clearance searches and use their years of expertise and experience to interpret the results and advise you whether . 

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Trademark Search FAQ's

Learn more about the reasons for conducting trademark searches, what the process involves, and why we highly recommend that any trademark decisions begin with a search. 

Flexible Search Options

We can provide tailored search options to fit your needs within your budget. From a basic 'knockout search' to identify exact matches, to a fully comprehensive report in multiple countries, and everything in between - we take a flexible approach to get the best information possible to maximize your chances of success while considering business goals and constraints.

Is Your Trademark Available?

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